Wife want’s a cancer puppy. WTF!

The great Bruce Springsteen once said, “Everything dies baby, that’s a fact.”. I keep that in mind as I purchase gifts, choose presents, and display affection. To me, durability is of the utmost importance. If it ain’t gonna last, don’t waste your time with it.
Which brings us to cancer puppies. The misses is unhappy because I don’t purchase her flowers to show my affection. I don’t buy them because they represent the temporary nature of life to me. I don’t see the use in buying her flowers, that are going to wither away in a short while, as being in anyway indicative of representing my desire for a wonderful, long lasting relationship. I wouldn’t go out to the dog pound and buy her a puppy with cancer for the same reason. Now, don’t get me wrong, my heart goes out to the poor little critters that have been cursed with such a horrible disease. I wish it wasn’t so. That being said, I sure as shit ain’t gonna buy one to give to my spouse as a representation of my love for her. If I wouldn’t buy a dying puppy, what makes her think I’d buy a bunch of plants/flowers that are in the process of dying themselves?
What are your thoughts people? Am I in the right here by justification, or is it the doghouse for me and the little cancer puppy?